Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bring the Seashore Home With Beach-Themed Accessories: Here's How

Seashore | Janette Mallory Interior Design

Who can resist the quintessential beauty of a quiet beach, the feel of sand beneath your toes or the refreshing breeze of the seacoast? Bring this sensation home with you and deck out your interiors with truly “sea-worthy” designs.

Begin by culminating items that are unique and in the color palettes of corals, blues and creams.

For a beach-themed color palette, try corals, creams and shades of blue. Photo courtesy of Cassandra Lavalle.

beachy kitchen via desire to inspire
Photo courtesy of Cassandra Lavalle
perfect palette1
Photo courtesy of Cassandra Lavalle.
A great way to turn any room in your home into a beach-scene is by adding accent pillows that reflect nautical elements like anchors or showcase seashells and starfish.

Add small elements of gold to reflect the look of the sun shimmering on the ocean waves. Do this with a gold-accented lamp or mirror. Be sure to find that one piece that will become a focal point in your seashore theme – use a seashell-designed frame or mirror.

Also utilize funky and fun patterns; don’t be afraid to really bring to life the feeling of the shore with shades of blue. Get creative and eclectic, you’ll be happy you did and not even long for a summer beach home.

Janette Mallory


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