Monday, March 11, 2013

Think An All White Room is Boring? Think Again.

My clients really love white and lately I've been working on a lot of projects involving white-on-white designs. 

I find that when paired correctly, white can illuminate a room creating a larger space, or through all white furniture with pops of bold colors it can add a zest of modern pizazz. Want a softer home? Decorate with varying shades of white for French countryside elegance.

1. Pair White with Cream

Create a truly peaceful ambiance in your home with a variety of white on white and add in a few creams to soften the look and add some visual texture; taking it from modern to cozy.

white on white living room
Photo by Cassandra Lavalle

2. Incorporate a Variety of White Accents

Use strong white accent pieces to recreate a crisp and clean feeling; choose a bold white sculpture or a sharp white armoire.

white room with wood floor and white accents
Photo by Cassandra Lavalle

3. Modernize the Everyday White

If you wish to really obtain the look of a modern, minimalist home, stick with the same shade of white within a room and watch in awe as your world brightens around you.

white bedroom with modern accents
Photo by Cassandra Lavalle

Whatever your style may be white is the best way to emphasize any room, apartment or home. Even adding a bit of warmer whites to an area creates a space of comfort and tranquility.

4. The Many Shades of White

I love the classic Benjamin Moore paints as well as the warm grey tones from Farrow and Ball. 

Farrow and Ball Warm Grey Tones

Warm Whites from Farrow and Ball
"Slipper Satin" white looks great on walls, whereas "Lime White" or "Off'-White" make great color choices for ceilings or trims.

Popular Shades of White from Benjamin Moore

"Simply White" is great for when you're going for a crisp and clean look and if you want to add a vintage feel to your room, try "Ancient Ivory".

What are your thoughts on an all-white room? I'd love to hear from you. 

Janette Mallory

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