Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Series, Part II "MY HOUSE"

I bought my house four years ago and just got around to remodeling my kitchen last year!! It all started with an extremely generous client who gifted the french door viking refrigerator to me. How luck am I??!!  As you can see from the photos it was sticking out way beyond the cabinets and I just could not live with that so I decided that it was time to update the cabinets, counter tops, back splash, fixtures and appliances.

I installed the wood floors when I moved in so that was one less thing I had to deal with, since my kitchen is so small and I actually cook a lot and happen to enjoy it,  I had to make sure that I maximized every square inch of space.  The upper cabinets were not that deep so I was able to gain more space by making them deeper and the lower cabinets did not have any pull outs so adding pull outs also gave me more usable space as well. 

I can't believe I lived with those granite counter tops for four years!!!  My favorite material to use for counter tops is 2" carrera.  I have used it in many of my clients kitchens and they all love it.  If you keep it sealed you don't have to worry about staining.  My boyfriend is a complete disaster in the kitchen, he's a good cook but he's messy and spills red wine all the time and I haven't had any problems with staining.  I added a hammered farm house sink with copper fixtures and I love the combo of the stainless appliances with the copper fixtures.

You can see how much nicer it is to have the french door refrigerator built in and adding the depth to the cabinet on the left gave me so much more cabinet space I was now able to store all my big platters and serving pieces in the bottom of the cabinet where I was not able to before.

This is my son's bathroom who is now 6' 4"!  I remodeled his bathroom before we moved in four years ago, at the time who knew he would be 6' 4" when he was a Jr in High School so I had to add the 10" "S" riser pipe to his shower head last summer.  The rain shower and thermal volume control are from Rohl in polished chrome.
All the material I used is honed Topo Azul from Ann Sacks, I used 16" x 16" on the floor, 1" x 1" mosaic in the shower and 3" x 6" field on the walls with a 2" x 8" rail molding. An of course the towels are from Waterworks who in my opinion have the best bath towels.


The vanity cabinet is Sonia with a Wenge finish and the faucet is Axor, the mirror is Restoration Hardware. Its clean and simple, perfect for my son. 

Here's my powder room that I basically designed the entire room around the Dragon Vessel sink that I feel in love with four years ago. After I found the sink I was shopping for another client at Peking 62 (which is no longer around) and I found the Mongolia cabinet and it was a match made in heaven!

I tiled the entire wall, floor to ceiling behind the sink vanity,  in Ann Sacks Savoy Brick Offset 1" x 2" Mosaic Bronze, the wall mount faucet is Kallista.  Four years later I still love the sink!

As always I love to hear your feedback and comments. I'm working on Part III of the series so stay tuned. xoxo

Janette Mallory