Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Firenze while at JK Place...

Florence is home to a plethora of historical landmarks and remnants of our beautiful renaissance era.  Having been the home of the Medici family, Firenze as the locals call it, is not only able to capture your eyes on the street with relics such as Galileo’s Tomb (which is ironically in a Catholic Church even after the church put him to death after saying the Earth revolves around the Sun), Palazzo della Signoria and Michaelangelo’s David but also with paintings such as Botticelli’s celebrated Venus.

This summer Franco and I were submerged in this magical city and thanks to Claudio Meli who manages JK Place Firenze, we were shown the most fabulous time at this boutique hotel.  Hands down the best service I have been shown in a very long time.  If you ever planning  a trip to Florence..

Where we would dine

Where I would lay in the tub and stare out to the city

The view...

Love how the stairs are showcased...

Janette Mallory

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  1. Janette what a fabulous place to stay!! I adore Florence ( or Firenze)Thank you for the info.

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