Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kravet Social Media Presentation

I am participating in a social media panel tomorrow, Thursday February 23rd at the Pacific Design Center at 2pm so if you are interested in how to use social media in your business come and join us!
Here's the link

 Janette Mallory

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Series, Part I

I have been in the Interior Design field for almost twenty years and  throughout my career as an Interior Designer I have remodeled many Kitchens and Bathrooms (as you can imagine) . Most of the time the Bathrooms are completely gutted and redone but not all of my clients have that kind of budget so you if you don't have the budget to completely start over it makes a huge impact if you change out faucets/fixtures, mirrors, lighting, new towels, area rug, new paint, etc which will make a huge difference and add value if you are trying to sell your house.   In my opinion I feel that most people when they are looking to buy a new house the most important and sometimes deal breakers can be the Bathrooms and Kitchen. In this tough real estate market I think more now than ever its important to update Bathrooms and Kitchens to make it easier to sell. 
For my Bathroom and Kitchen remodel series I am going to share with you some Bathroom and Kitchen remodel projects that I have done for myself and my clients that are not on my website or blog, some of them are big and some of them are small but all of them are drastic improvements from what was there before I made any changes. 

One of my favorite materials to use for the shower is Carrara marble and it comes in many shapes and sizes, I always mix and match the shapes and sizes. The walls and shower pan are from Walker Zanger the walls are 2 x 4 brick field and the shower pan is 1 1/4" hexagon field. I used leftover Carrara Slab from another bathroom for the curb so there are no grout joints. The shampoo box is also left over slab, its always nice to use slab material when possible for a cleaner look.

The Kitchen below had nice cabinets for the most part so to save money my finisher sanded adn repainted them a darker color to make it more interesting.  We took down the wall (where the two counter stools are) having to literally twist my clients arm!!!  You will see what a HUGE difference it made not only making the kitchen more open and making it feel larger it opened up the flow to the dining room and living room which is much better for entertaining.


The wall that we took down is where the new banquette now sits which is covered in Brenda Antin vintage fabrics that she brought back from France.

So basically we bought new Viking appliances, fixtures, the counter tops are honed Bardiglio Imperiale marble (which looks like a gray limestone), painted the cabinets, new wood floors and my client has a brand new kitchen with a more updated look.

I just love the cabinet color that my finisher and I came up with. The cabinet pulls are from Restoration Hardware. Don't you just love the new Restoration Hardware look and quality of their products? And you can't beat the price!!!

 I think some of the best bathrooms are the small ones. This entire Powder Bath is Waterworks, my client and I flipped out over the Brickworks field tile that we used on the walls, the color is fantastic.  I mixed nickel, brass and copper using the Henry low profile one hole faucet in lacquered brass, the oval sink is hammered copper, the legs of the washstand, mirror and p-trap are all nickel. There's also some brass on the handing light fixture over the sink.   I like the mixture of all three finishes, its kind of my thing right now as you will see in upcoming posts. 

So this is Part I of my Kitchen and Bath Series, I hope you like it and I would love to hear your feedback.

Janette Mallory

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tastemaker Tag Sale One Kings Lane

My sale starts tonight 6pm PT. Wish me luck! xoxo Janette
Janette Mallory